BLE Notification Provider - Receive iOS notification on Mac App Reviews

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I cannot connect

Hi, I bought it and installed the APP on MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012) and iPhone 5S with IOS 8.3. I’ve serious issue to establish the BLE connection since I can find the iPhone but he rarely get connected.

Best app, useful for me , i love it !!!

Great app , its so useful for me , i can receive notification from my iphone ipad , i dont offen check notification on my phone so that this app is necesary for me , i will recommed this app to my friends , thanks team!!!

BLE Notification Provider

Never Leave Home With Out iT’s…..Receive iOS notification on iPhone,iPad.iPod and Mac.


Very good app, I really like it. So convenient.

Good app

I can share at any time by sending the software to transfer files. Compact design. Powerful and easy to use.

Very useful and simple design

This app is great for when Im charging my phone, and its not in reach. Also when working on my MAC with headphones on, never miss a notification. Love the functional, simplistic design too


This is a Bluetooth application very useful. Can I use iPhone device operation. Compact design. Powerful. I like to use it.


The app can quickly connect to my mobile phone and Mac computer. It is convenient for us to transfer files and pictures. It is very convenient to use.

Great app

This app I have downloaded and use them, it is great, I am very happy about it, I would recommend it to family and my friends, thank the author who created it. looking forward to the next version.

Never interrupted from phone again

I love he idea of forwarding notifications from my phone to my computer so I never again have to check my phone every once in a while just for notifications, among which most are unimportant and will only distract me from work. There are some notification that require immediate response in the phone, and I am happy to see this app helps collect every one of them so I will not miss them later. This app is certainly amazing.

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